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Heimat discovered the Portuguese Podengo at Crufts in 2004. We had been searching for a small breed so we could enjoy the many AKC shows in the US. As it turns out, we ended up falling for these wonderful little dogs but they're not fully recognized by the AKC yet.

Video below shows Podengo Medio (Medium) and Podengo Pequeno (Small) during a hunting test in Spain.

Watch how the 2 different breeds have very different hunting styles which clearly demonstrates why OVERSIZE should NEVER be rewarded in a Pequeno !


The breed is supposed to be moved to AKC Regular Classes in Jan. 2013 !!

So our dream of enjoying weekends at AKC shows is finally becoming a reality.

Every Podengo you see on our site and every Podengo we produce is Registered with the FCPR Puerto Rican Kennel club (an FCI recognized National kennel club) & Recorded with the AKC-FSS plus every one of our Imports has been AKC DNA'd. FCPR Papers ensure that we can exhibit our dogs in European shows or export puppies abroad.

All of our Breeding stock are tested and free of Genetic Defects.

Born at Heimat: GinoBorn at Heimat: Gina

Gino Swimming with the Fish with Gina looking on

Heimat dogs at an AKC Meet the Breeds event (5-17-08)