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If you are serious about a Heimat puppy, please call to conduct a phone consult to determine if you Qualify

 Joanne:  Contact us for details

e-mail: j.heimat @

3rd Generation Heimat Puppies produced in 2010, 2011 & 2012.

4th Generation Heimat Puppies produced in 2012.

  We do not settle for mediocre and neither should you !

Litters Planned for 2014 - Accepting reservations now

Check out dogs from our Past litters - New photos and updates

The AKC Parent club is mandated to provide the general public with "Meet the Breed" Opportunities at dog shows around the US. Contact them directly to locate a viewing opportunity in your area.

Heimat world is a hobby kennel located in our private home. Due to concerns regarding transmission of diseases such as Parvo, we are NOT open to the public. If you want to learn more about the breed, please order the only book written for the Podengo Pequeno then contact us with specific questions.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: An Educatorís Perspective 2.0

By Ginger Bowles MA.ED

Paperback: $23.75 - You Save: 5%

E-Book available - click on link for details

Ships in 3-5 business days




Please contact us directly if you would like to visit with us and our dogs at upcoming dog shows.

Once you determine this is the right breed for you, then select a breeder who has quality Podengo Pequenos you wish to work with.

Contact the breeder so they can conduct an interview with you to determine if you are qualified.

Once Qualified, you should place a deposit to ensure your placement on the waiting list. Typical wait time is about 6 months for a dog/puppy that meets your families needs. 

Heimat's Piper ~ Typical 9 week old Heimat Puppy



Podengo Pequenos are AKC recognized as of Jan. 1, 2013.  

  • Puppies are placed by 10 weeks of age.

  • Most Heimat dogs are 10 - 11 inches tall.

  • Puppies are hand-house raised and played with every day until they leave Heimat.

  • Our dogs are a hobby.

  • To view our dogs, make an appointment to visit with us at an AKC or UKC show.

  • See puppies from our previous Breedings