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Heimat's " T" Litter

Heimat's " S" Litter - 3rd Generation Heimat

AKC CH Stunner (CA) - Strider (Mexico) - Striker (AR)

Striker update: "he is doing excellent! We just adore him!! He's a hit with anyone that sees him. He's already pretty spoiled if you can imagine. Thanks so much for him!"

Heimat's " R" Litter - 4th Generation Heimat

DAM line is 3 generations of OUR BREEDING, Sire is also from OUR BREEDING

Rambling Rose (CA), Rival (CA), Rebal (TX)

Rebal: "Here's some pictures from this weekend. He likes the cold weather that came into Texas...:) Rugby got his 3rd round of shots today. He's 5.9 pounds, so he's growing into a big boy. Vet said he's very healthy, and very well adjusted to other animals and people. He's a great dog, I'm so happy with him!!"

Heimat's "Q" Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat Bred Sire out of Import Dam

Quincy (TX), Baby Girl (TX), Quintara (CA)

Heimat's "P" Litter - 3rd Generation Heimat out of Heimat bred sire

Piper (Canada)

Heimat's "O" Litter - 3rd Generation Heimat

Oscar (NM)

"Thank you so much for Oscar; he’s quite the guy for our family. I don’t know if I told you but I have an aunt in Modesto who fell in love with Oscar and will likely give you a call someday for one. Everywhere we’ve traveled with him, he’s quite the attraction."

Heimat's "N" Litter - 3rd Generation Heimat out of Heimat bred sire

Nugget (TX) - Owned by Celebrity

"NUGGET AND KIPPER.  Both dogs now live in Jarico home. The whole family are happy to have them in our lives. Thank you"

Heimat's "M" Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat

Moritz (CA), Monaliza (CA), Matu (CA)

"Mona Lisa continues to be such a joy! I do have to say, and not just because I am her “mommy,” but she has absolutely grown into a beautiful dog! We get compliments all the time about what a beautiful dog she is! And, she really entertains and amuses us – her and her big brother, Louie."

Matu: "Here are some recent photos of our gorgeous Marco. He is hands-down the most comical and joyful dog we have ever had. Super smart and a true love-bug!"

Heimat's " L " Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat

Liebshon (PA)

"Just when you thought you'd seen everything.....Santa is our vet! I thought you'd get a good chuckle out of this one!"

"She's fantastic. She and the boys play a lot ( especially she and Chipoer) and she and Jolly have started sleeping against each other at night. I cannot adequately express how attached i have become to her. She is so much fun!!! Amongst other things, she has taken to picking up a tennis ball, jumping up onto the ottoman, and then dropping the ball off so she and Chipper can chase it. She loves getting the boys to chase her! On the other hand, she absolutely cannot tolerate my keeping my sneaker socks in my tennis shoes. She simply removes them. She never damages them, just takes them out of my shoes. It's a riot!!  She definitely has fans in the neighborhood. The other day she and I started out on a walk and I heard from a distance "Hi Ruby". It was one of the boys (probably around 8 or 9 years old) who lives up the street.... Too funny!"

Heimat's " K " Litter - 3rd Generation Heimat

Kipper (TX) - Owned by Celebrity

CH Kognac (CA) { Sire of 2 UKC Champions } - AKC CH / UKC CH Kontessa (CA)

"NUGGET AND KIPPER:  Both dogs now live in Jarico home. The whole family are happy to have them in our lives. Thank you"

Kognac: "we are more pleased with him as a companion/pet than with any of the dogs we have had so far. He has the sweetest, most mellow temperament one could ask for. He is very quick to understand commands and even quicker to obey them (most times). He is also extremely affectionate and wants to be by your side at all times. All in all, we couldn't be more pleased with him or love him any more than we do. We know we are very lucky and blessed to have him."

Heimat's " J " Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat

Jacco (OH) - Jerico (TX) - - Owned by Celebrity


"Jarico was a great hunter and family companion. He was quite a character.He was special to everyone in our family. His courage and bravery was bigger than his size.  Jarico couldn't stand snakes around the property. He became too skilled at getting them until the day a copperhead took his life. It was a terrible loss - so sad for this wonderful dog and his grieving family. We want another puppy from your next two breedngs."

Heimat's " I " Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat

CH Indira (MN) - Ica (CA) - Iris (CA) - Icon (CA)

"Icon (Jacky) is doing great! Rarely does a day go by where someone (usually several someone’s) doesn’t comment on what a happy dog he is and want to know more about him. He is the king of our local dog park and he loves to go to the beach and swim. He is an independent little guy and has to greet everyone around before he listens but each class we have had him in he becomes the star of the class. What ever you guys do during the puppy raising keep up the good work. His personality is awesome and we hope to get another pup from you soon! "

"Iris is great. She is much loved."

"Ica is one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. We've trained hundreds of dogs in our lives, but she's something very special. This Portuguese Podengo Pequeno breed is so different from other breeds we've worked. Ica actually observes everything in detail and figures out what her next step will be. She's loves to play tricks on our Augies..then sits back and literally laughs at them :-) Temperament, intelligence, trainability is not easy to obtain, so. keep up the good work. Whatever you're doing in breeding, you're on the right page. Thank you for Ica and the many hours and days of laughter we've had in owning her."

"Indira is a UKC champion and qualified for 2011 Eukanuba."

Heimat's " H " Litter - 2nd Generation Heimat

AKC CH / UKC CH Hanna (CA)

Heimat's " G " Litter - 1st Generation Heimat out of Original Imports

Gina (CA) - Gino (TX) - Gusto (CA)

"Gina is a great dog. She's a real Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. Thank you for letting  us be her new owner."

"Gino loves to cuddle and sleep on the bed, but he is a little devil, too. He thinks he's a big dog, but no one has told him differently. We love him very much. He's a handsome male. We're proud to have him in our home."

"Gusto is one of the funniest dogs I've owned. He has a fabulous temperament, friendly and a real clown. My elderly mom, who lives with me loves him dearly - me too."